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Global A/C & Heating

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Heating - Air Conditioning

Our outstanding service and performance has earned repeat referral business from residential and commercial customers. Your peace of mind concerning installation or repair on all your heating and air conditioning equipment is our primary concern. We accept VISA, Master Card, American Express, and Discover. We also offer discounts to senior citizens.

Global A/C & Heating provides quality service for all makes and models of air conditioning equipment and heaters.

For your convenience, Global A/C & Heating Company provides emergency service at a minimal charge. We provide a written report to you upon completion of any work performed and we maintain a complete record of all maintenance and repair work provided.

In Pursuit of Quality


What is Quality?

An exceptional degree of excellence
Superior product
In character of integrity and loyalty

Why is Quality important to our Company?

Customers expect quality, which distinguishes us and the product and materials we selected for them. They may not have the knowledge or opportunity to make their own comparison and decision. Customers judge us by the quality of our people and the quality of their workmanship. Customers will judge our quality and cleanliness on the appearance of our trucks. Every action we take, every communication we effect or produce has an impact that must be a positive nature and represent the exceptional degree of excellence that we strive to achieve. The extra value of quality entitles us to the best price. We compensate our employees for the quality as well as skill that they demonstrate.

We at Global A/C & Heating believe that the higher level of accomplishment of "quality" we achieve, the higher respect we gain from our customers and the growth of our reputation.


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